Masterclass DVDs

The only films that really show you how to improve your climbing. Technique, training and crag skills with top tips from Britainís best climbers.

"The advice is excellent... Made me want to go out climbing and made me realise just how much there is to the sport." - Steve McClure.

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  1. Part 1 Technique and Training
  2. Part 2 Skills and Tatics for Sport and Traditional Climbing
Masterclass DVDs Part 1, Technique and Training

Part 1 Technique and Training

  • Better use of handholds
  • Precision footwork
  • How to move fluidly
  • Specific moves and tricks for steep walls
  • Slabs and rounded features
  • PLUS: Arete demo by Seb Grieve
  • How to use the climbing wall more productively
  • Gain strength and power for cruxes and boulder problems
  • New ideas for endurance and recovery
  • Warming up to avoid injury
  • PLUS: The quest for the ultimate secret with guru Matt Smythe

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Masterclass DVDs Part 2, Skills and Tatics for Sport and Trad

Skills and Tatics for Sport and Trad

Sport Climbing
  • Tips fo onsighting and redpointing
  • Warming up and route reading
  • Efficient clipping
  • Cure your fear of falling
  • How to use rests, breathe correctly and climb at the right pace
  • PLUS: Actual first accent footage of Steve McClure on Rainshadow,
    F9a at Malham Cove, Yorkshire.
Trad Climbing
  • Placing gear without burning out
  • Advanced preparation and strategy
  • Tips for onsighting and headpointing
  • PLUS:Actual ascent footage of Neil Gresham on Equilibrum, E10 7a, Burbage

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